The opportunity to work for some of the best hospitality and tourism organisations

Room Attendant

A career that allows you to put into practice  your professional skills within a premium work environment, to  deepen and finetune your skills set even further. Thanks to AoH Academy courses, you will get a guaranteed and paid work experience placement, with great chances of it leading to a long-term employment position.


Theoretical Studies

  • Room Attendant job description. The importance of work protocol and quality standards
  • Knowledge of all tools and products needed to perform as a Room Attendant
  • Behavioral protocol. Handling professional relationships within the workplace
  • Security procedures protocol


Practical Studies

  • Applying the Standard operating procedures (SOP) to best execute cleaning job standards
  • Activities speed-up routines and work review
  • Problem-solving techniques



  • Assessment of all skills acquired through both theoretical and practical examinations
  • Assessment of work placement requirements
  • Finding the most suitable work placement organization according to candidate’s needs

Guaranteed paid work placement

All candidates that successfully complete the course* will immediately get access to a paid work placement which will take part at one of the many organizations partnering with AoH Academy

  • A 2 months paid work placement at a hospitality/tourism partner organization
  • Guaranteed full-time remuneration: €1.300 per month
  • Real possibilities of long-term employment
  • AoH Academy course diploma

Over 85% of AoH Academy students find long-term employment within a partner organization following the work placement

*The full course lasts about 30 hours and costs €900 (VAT included)

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    I got in touch with AoH Academy having some personal doubts, because of previous unsuccessful work experiences in the sector. I must say I have been positively surprised by their approach and professionalism: it’s rare to find people who actually practice what they preach these days!


    I already had the chance to work abroad within the sector, but surely that was a complete different story: now my job is truly valued and my skills are fully put into practice. I feel really  appreciated and can see the real results of my hard work!