We offer you a great job opportunity within some of the best hotels

Hotel Porter

AoH Academy allows you to put all your skills into practice within the finest work environment, thanks to the ongoing mentoring of our dedicated professional team. Our courses guarantee a paid work placement that will most likely lead to a permanent position.


Theoretical Studies

  • Hotel Porter job description: the importance of work protocol and quality standards
  • Behavioral protocol. Handling professional relationships within the workplace
  • Porterage service and congressional Hotel Porter. Handling relationship with clients
  • Security procedures protocol


Practical Studies

  • Protocol application and check list to maintain best work practice and highest standard
  • Conference halls preparation techniques
  • Porterage service, luggage storage and other Hotel Porter activities: all general procedures
  • Self-auditing tasks techniques



  • Assessment of all skills acquired through both theoretical and practical examinations
  • Assessment of work placement requirements
  • Finding the most suitable work placement organization according to candidate’s needs

Guaranteed paid work placement

All candidates that successfully complete the course* will immediately get access to a paid work placement which will take part at one of the many organizations partnering with AoH Academy.

  • A 3 months paid work placement at  a hospitality/tourism partner organization
  • Guaranteed full-time remuneration: €1.450 per month
  • Real possibilities of long-term employment
  • AoH Academy course diploma

Over 85% of AoH Academy students find long-term employment within a partner organization following the work placement.

*The full course lasts about 30 hours and costs €1300 (VAT included)

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    I am very happy about the whole experience! I found a job I truly enjoy and makes me feel part of a professional and great work environment: I know I still have a lot to learn in order to improve my skills but the feeling of being actively building my career is priceless


    Had I knew about AoH before, I would have spare myself many years of hard work that never paid off…it’s true sometimes the right opportunity can change everything!